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Thematic of journal: covering theoretical and practical achievements of domestic and foreign science in the field of methods and means of printing; consideration of the problems and prospects of development of technology, materials and equipment of publishing, printing and distribution of editions; improvement and development of new techniques and processes of printing production; development and research consumables of printing; economic strategy industry, marketing and management in the publishing and printing production; standardization; philological aspects of the publishing and printing industry, scientific advances, experimental results, mathematical models in publishing and printing production and other industries, mechanical engineering, chemical technologies.
Collection of scientific works «Технологія i технікадрукарства»appear quarterly and consist of the following sections:
Professional training;
— Technological processes;
— Machines and automated complexes;
— Printing materials;
— Management of the production;
— Editing;
— Bibliology;
— Design (modeling, edition and packaging design, Web-design);
— Scientific news (reports, lectures, abstracts of scientific studies).

Collected scientific studies of «Technology and Technіque of Typography» included in open public information, full-text scientific metric database:

— «Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine» — Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (VNLU);

— ELAKPI — Electronic Archive of NTUU «KPI»;

— URBD «Ukrainika scientific» — a nationwide database of VNLU;

— URJ «Dzherelo» — refereed journal — VNLU and Institute of Problems of Registration of Information (IPRI);

— Scientific Electronic Library and the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Publication of articles in the Collected of materials can be performed using an open platform «Open Journal Systems»: http://ttdruk.vpi.kpi.ua.


Magazine Layout
Each issue of a magazine has a different layout (new cover picture and new colors). The figure below represents the layout of a magazine issue No. 2, 2008.