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 Requirements to the Article Layout

1. Materials are published in Ukrainian, English, Russian, and Polish. They must be original, never published before.

2. The submissions are grouped by the editorial board into separate sections:

• Pedagogics of vocational training. Certification of scientific pedagogical staff;;
• Technological processes;
• Machines and automated complexes;
• Printing materials;
• Management of the production;
• Publishing and editing;
• Bibliology;
• Design (modeling, edition and packaging design, Web-design);
• Scientific news (reports, lectures, abstracts of scientific studies).

3. The article to be published should comply with the following format:

• UDQ (Universal Decimal Qualifier);
• title;
• full name (first name, middle name and surname) of the author(s) indicating their degree and the academic rank. Position specification is irrelevant;
• full name of an organization, company, educational institution, its location, country;

• keywords in English and in the language of Article

• summary in Russian, Ukrainian and English;
• main body of an article;
• bibliography cited in compliance with the operating standards. The order of the sources on the list is determined by the order of their appearance in the body of an article;
• e-mail of author(s).

4. The outlay of the main body of the article should comply with the requirements determined by the Decree of the HEB of Ukraine No. 7-05/1 dated 15.01.2003:
«... Formulation of the problem in general and its relationship to important scientific and practical challenges; analysis of recent studies and publications tackling the given problem, proposing solutions to it and relied upon by the author, definition of gaps in the given scientific problem resolution and identification of the issues to be solved as the subject matter of the article; formulation of the objectives of the article (problem statement); exposition of the research material proving substantiation of the obtained scientific results; findings of the actual study and prospective of further research within the given area.
Thus, it is recommended to divide the body of an article into the following subsections:

• Problem statement;
• Analysis of previous studies;
• Purpose of work;
• The results of the research;
• Conclusions.

5. Articles should be submitted as files, whereby the filename is the surname of the author (one of the authors), on a floppy disk 3.5'', a CD-ROM, a DVD-ROM, a USB-storage device or via e-mail, compiled with the aid of Microsoft Office Word for Windows (versions '97, '2000, '2003), paper size 210×297 mm (A4), font Times New Roman, font size 14, spacing 1.5, one printed copy signed by the author(s). Margins, cm: left — 3, right — 1.5; top — 2, bottom — 2.5, one line-to-line spacing between the following sections: UDQ, names of authors, title, summaries, text, tables, captions. The material for publication must not exceed eight printed pages.

The title of an article in English and surnames of its authors are to be submitted as a separate electronic file.
Materials written in a language of an article, submitted as a separate electronic file, should be arranged accordingly: UDQ, full name of the author(s), title of an article, summary in Ukrainian, language of an article (in abbreviated form), bibliography (quantity of references to be specified, keywords in English and in the language of Article).

Text including specific characters, or ligature, for example, in German, Polish or Czech, should be submitted as a doc file, along with the PS-file for this particular font for its subsequent use in edition layout.

6. Images should be submitted as separate files in TIFF, EPS, cdr (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw) format. If photos are used, they should be submitted in their original form. Without any significant distortion they could then be edited and pasted in the text using the advanced page layout software.
It is not permitted to insert images that had previously been edited in TIFF, EPS, cdr formats into the text in a doc file. While editing such images, substantial graphic data distortions occur, which eventually degrades the quality of visual perception of a reproduction and a publications in general.
Figures must not be pasted in the text of an article compiled with the aid of Microsoft Office Word. We do not accept images in Excel, Paintbrush, Visio. It is recommended to avoid different colors in the exposition of graphic materials in the form of columns, curves and diagrams.

7. For editing formulas use Equation 5.0 editor, font type – Times New Roman, font size 14. Please make sure they are arranged so as to fit the type page size.

8. The articles are to be accompanied with one copy of a review by a scientist (ScD or PhD) whose research activities and area of scientific interest are relevant to the subject matter of an article. A review should comply with the standard.

9. Decision upon publication of an article is made by the Editorial Board.