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Technology and technigue of typography

 Tokar’ O. V., Zil’berglejt M. A. (Osvitnii zaklad «Biloruskyi derzhavnyi tekhnolohichnyi universytet» (Minsk, Respublika Bilorus)
  Emotionally-shaped estimation of the font and background for the electronic educational edition. — 2010. — № 1(27). — pp. 92—98.
     In article the estimation of a font of black colour on a colour background is stated by a method of semantic differential, the private semantic differential is developed, allowing to narrow a problem of an estimation of perception of a font and a background as elements of electronic teaching materials. The received results have shown that the certain colour combination causes in respondents of the same association.
     Language — Russian.
     Illustrations — 2.
     Table — 1.
     Bibliography — 5 titles.