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Comparasion static characteristics of multipositional digital control drives

Novik M. A., Didovets’ V. E. Comparasion static characteristics of multipositional digital control drives
This article describes the number of multipositional actuators with digital control, the structure of which includes pneumatic cylinders of linear displacement with the output shaft, rotary electric stepper motors and hydraulic volume dosers.
A brief description of the design of pneumatic, pneumohydraulic and pneumoelectric drives is given.
The analytical dependences, which allow in the stage of design to consider and optimize the main parameters of multipositional digital drives of various types are shown. Examples of the calculation of static forcing, the axial dimensions of pneumatic cylinders and the number of grades of combined digital drives are given. Analysis of these results shows that with the same increment and a maximum displacement the output shaft drives have different values both the axial dimensions of the cylinder and the static forcing.
The results of investigations allow to chose the type of multipositional actuator, according to its purpose. The calculations showed that in those cases that require a small axial dimensions of the cylinder, the pneumohydraulic digital drives with volume dosers are desirable to use. Combining digital pneumatic motors and electric stepper motors allows to create inertialless with a low discrete value multipositional digital control drives.