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Paper for printing photos: structure, properties, classification

 Skrypka M. V., Khmiliarchuk O. I., Lototska O. I. Paper for printing photos: structure, properties, classification

     Analyzed market papers and main trends of development and found that the use of paper in our country has increased by almost 30–45 %. Paper of economy class prevails in Ukraine (Lomond, Iceberg, Megajet), and the proportion of premium paper (Epson, HP, Avery Zweckform) is not so great.
     The basic components of the two-layer and multilayer photographic paper are defined. The structure of laminated paper, which consists of reproducing and plastic layer, paper base, the lower layer and a layer of foundation is illustrated. These key factors of any photographic image deteriorates are stated.
     A detailed classification of photographic paper, depending on the method of image acquisition (direct printing, printing of exposure and developing, and printing of exposure) is developed. When choosing photo paper for direct print paper considered by the type of coverage, the nature of printed and unprinted surface of photo paper texture surface character base scope. To print photos from exposure and display photographic paper is classified by type of emulsion type of substrate, texture surface, contrast, color and type of ink pads.