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Materials for laser engraving of printing plates

Yarka N. V., Mayik V. Z. Materials for laser engraving of printing plates
    Laser engraving enables to get high-quality printing plates due to the concentrated and controlled laser energy. Images are engraved on a polymerised plates or sleeves.
    The analysis of patent information shows that natural rubber which was later replaced by synthetic elastomers is the most widespread material for the laser engraving. Present inventions enable getting of relief layer by thermopolymerization of composition without participation of sulphur or its moiety that considerably simplifies process and reduces it in price.
    Traditional photopolymer plates (solvent and water washable) and liquid photopolymer compositions (mixtures of monomers, more frequently acrylates) also may be used for laser engraving. They need to be cured with UVA and UVC light before engraving for crosslinking and tack reducing of material.