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Semantic space objects of Belarusian essential design

Kovaleva O. Ju., Tokar’ O. V. (UO «Belorusskij gosudarstvennyj tehnologicheskij universitet», Mynsk, Respublyka Belarus) Semantic space objects of Belarusian essential design. — 2014. — № 4(46). — pp. 105–112.
The article is devoted to the design of a number of packshot Belarusian TV shows, because packshot aimed at creating awareness of the TV at the consumer. The aim of the work was structured semantic space perception of a potential audience of objects of the Belarusian essential design (packshot). The research was 30 packshot. The choice as a research method, the method of semantic differential, allowing you to structure semantic space perception of the recipient. It allows to estimate the level of quality of essential design in the eyes of consumers, which gives grounds to estimate more objectively the place of the Belarusian design in the coordinate system of quality. The study involved 50 people. Using the method of factor analysis identified factors perception of packshot: assessment (explains 39,4 % of the total variance), the power and stability. It is established, that for the given object topical universal perception factors Osgood, coupling factors are missing. Analyzed the location of packshot in two-dimensional space of these factors. The identified causes affecting the place of packshot in the semantic space. Defined the attitude of respondents related to the object of research.
Keywords: design, packshot, telecast, font, semantic space, semantic differential, factors of perception.
Language — Russian.
Illustrations — 5.
Table — 1.
Bibliography — 3 titles.