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Accreditation in NTUU «KPI» of training of master’s degrees of speciality 8.03030301 «Publishing business and editing».

Kyrychok P. O., Trishchuk O. V., Fihol N. M. (Natsionalnyi tekhnichnyi universytet Ukrainy «Kyivskyi politekhnichnyi instytut» (Kyiv, Ukraina) Accreditation in NTUU «KPI» of training of master’s degrees of speciality 8.03030301 «Publishing business and editing». — 2014. — № 1(43). — pp. 4–12.
Preparation of specialists of speciality 8.030301 «Publishing business and editing» assists to satisfaction of skilled necessities of publishing industry in the period of public transformations. On the modern stage this work is oriented on the newest necessities and calls introduced by the development of the communication systems.
Organization of educational process of speciality 8.03030301 «Publishing business and editing» are based on the law of Ukraine «About higher education», state industry standards of higher education of Ukraine and other acts of legislation of Ukraine on education questions and comes true in accordance with curricula, graphic arts of educational process, curriculum of employments after the corresponding forms of studies, that become firmly established by the chancellor of university.
Realization of the main educational program of preparation of master’s degrees of speciality «Publishing business and editing» are provided by a necessary infobase that represents the achievement of scitech in industry of publishing business. Educational methodical work on the department of publishing business and editing submits to practical realization of aim of education in the Ukrainian state and main activity of university. It consists in the searches of the most effective forms, facilities and forming methods for the students of wide scientific world view, mastering by them achievements of science and culture, making of professional knowledge, abilities, skills and preparation of highly skilled specialists.
Having regard to the requirement of publishing industry in the editorial and publishing shots of high level, formed in NTUU «KPI» material and technical, scientific, methodical, skilled base for providing of the quality teaching of disciplines of area of knowledge 0303 «Journalism and information», and also on the potential opportunity constantly to perfect preparation of specialists of the adopted speciality in accordance with public necessities, deem it wise to give to the National technical university of Ukraine the «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» the accreditation on preparation specialists educationally-qualifying level master’s degree area knowledge 0303 — «journalism and information» from speciality 8.03030301 — «publishing business and editing».
Keywords: publishing business, editing, master’s degree, education, printing-publishing industry.
Language — Ukraine.