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Quality estimation for digital printing

Kulbych I. K., Lototska O. I. (Natsionalnyi tekhnichnyi universytet Ukrainy «Kyivskyi politekhnichnyi instytut» (Kyiv, Ukraina) Quality estimation for digital printing
Developed test samples that require minimum equipment (spectrophotometer and magnifying glass) for digital printing. Six quality metrics measured (background optical density, deviation of density for printed area, tone rendering, maximum optical density, print resolution, and color gamut). For each metric appropriate etalon values was chosen.
Method of calculating single score for print quality, based on measured metrics was developed.
24 samples were printed and measured, score was calculated for them and results compared with experts estimations. Deviation of difference between calculated score and average of expert estimations is only slightly bigger that average deviation between experts, providing reliable method for quality estimation that can be automated.
Keywords: printing quality, quality estimation, digital printing, complex score, experts score.
Language — Ukraine.
Illustrations — 4.
Table — 7.
Bibliography — 15 titles.