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Preparation of stereoimages for children’s editions.

Kulishova N. Ie., Fedorenko O. O. (Kharkivskyi natsionalnyi universytet radioelektroniky (Kharkiv, Ukraina) Preparation of stereoimages for children’s editions. — 2013. — № 3(41). — pp. 44–51.
The article describes the issues related to the use of stereo images in children’s magazines. Feature of the work is to highlight ways to create 3D anaglyph images. We propose an approach for generating synthetic anaglyphs — images with volume effect, created from a planar original image. A method of preparing a stereo pair of images based on the separation of the image into layers. Image elements are divided into groups according to the distance from the viewer. Each element group is located in a separate layer and each layer is applied to an offset from the central axis. The sign and value of the offset is variable and dependent on the position of the element relative to the viewer.
Practical implementation of the method demonstrated its high efficiency for the drawing originals, which often illustrate children’s books. On these originals complex textures and objects with small details that can complicate the application of the proposed method are rare. The result is a natural volume effect, and color distortions are minimized.
Key words: 3D image, anaglyph, stereo, stereobazis, the displacement of image layers.
Language — Ukrainian.
Illustrations — 5.
Table — 1.
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