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Present state and analysis of surface plastic deformation in the printing machine building

Zyhulia S. M. (Natsionalnyi tekhnichnyi universytet Ukrainy «Kyivskyi politekhnichnyi instytut» (Kyiv, Ukraina) Present state and analysis of surface plastic deformation in the printing machine building. — 2013. — № 2(40). — pp. 69–82.
The cause of the destruction of printing parts in the operation processes are carried out on the surface and in the surface layers. To increase equipment’s reliability and durability of the operating manual is necessary to research and to improve the well-known and to development new highly efficient ways of strengthening parts of contact pairs in printing equipment.
Existing methods of increasing resource details in printing equipment analysis and identify of the most effective in terms of technological capabilities and performance of work surfaces of printing equipment is proposed.
Each of the methods of surface plastic deformation can be used, but all of them have both advantages and some disadvantages. To rationale a particular method usage for strengthening machining of one or another form, size, material analysis methods of surface plastic deformation and their comparative characteristics was held.
Method of surface plastic deformation reduces roughness, allows obtaining the required parameters microrelief depth strengthen the surface layer, the surface microhardness. Application vibration provides the necessary parameters microrelief and quality of surface layers improves the physical, mechanical and performance properties and geometrical parameters of working surface printing cylinder and tight.
Language — Ukrainian.
Illustrations — 4.
Bibliography — 29 titles.