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Processing of the metalized colloidal solutions.

Morozov A. S., Ivasenko M. V., Shakhovaia O. V. (Natsionalnyi tekhnichnyi universytet Ukrainy «Kyivskyi politekhnichnyi instytut» (Kyiv, Ukraina) Processing of the metalized colloidal solutions. — 2013. — № 1(39). — pp. 47–53.
     Aspects of motion metallic particles into viscous mediums (printing inks) and was proposed physical model of the treatment such particles at the activated processing are considered. Received experimental results made it possible to realize of the process, which taking place into metalized colloidal solutions at the acoustic influence of different intensity. The small aggravation of process coagulation to observe at the increased interval, that be evidence of: at the little power process is happening more effectively, but small volume and greatest value intencity of radiation in this volume have been bring to gradual cavitational destruction of increased particles.
     Language — Ukrainian.
     Illustrations — 2.
     Bibliography — 9 titles.