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Newspaper production of Ukraine.

 Barnych Iu. O., Siryk M. V. (Natsionalnyi tekhnichnyi universytet Ukrainy «Kyivskyi politekhnichnyi instytut» (Kyiv, Ukraina), Fenko Iu. (TOV «Polihrafichne obladnannia» (Kyiv, Ukraina)
Newspaper production of Ukraine. — 2008. — № 3—4(21—22). — pp. 168—179.

The contents of this article include research on the newspaper market in Ukraine throughout the years of it’s independence, the condition and perspectives of development of the newspaper printhouses. The article also analyses offers of printing equipment suppliers and examines innovation within the newspaper industry.
     Language — Ukrainian.
     Illustrations — 4.
     Table — 1.
     Bibliography — 14 titles.