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Means of increase InterNet of the status printing magazines

 Tsurin O. P. (Natsionalnyi tekhnichnyi universytet Ukrainy «Kyivskyi politekhnichnyi instytut» (Kyiv, Ukraina)
  Means of increase InterNet of the status printing magazines. — 2010. — № 4(30). — pp. 261—266.
     InterNet status of print journals due to their incorporation into the global search engines contribute to the Webometrics ranking and indexing in major databases to track quotations (SCOPUS and Google Sholar) The peculiarities and problems of using citation databases. Detailed attention is focused on the role and value of Web-sites. Analyzes Web-site registration on 3 known search engines that included Webometrics — Google, Bing, Yahoo. The article reviews the results of the monitoring program Web-site print magazines published in NTUU «KPI», and feature comparisons and recommendations on Web-site logs.
     Language — Ukrainian.
     Table — 2.
     Bibliography — 3 titles.