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Вплив металографічного друку на міцнісні характеристики банкнотного папер

  УДК 655.3.066.364
     Киричок Т. Ю., Гуща О. В. Вплив металографічного друку на міцнісні характеристики банкнотного паперу // Технологія і техніка друкарства. — К. : ВПІ НТУУ «КПІ». — 2012. — № 2(36). — С. 4–10.

Проведено дослідження впливу металографічного друку на міцнісні характеристики банкнотного паперу. Результати дослідження показали, що металографічний друк покращує міцнісні характеристики паперу для банкнот при їх обігу.

The investigation of influence of intaglio printing on the strength characteristics of banknote paper was carried out. The investigation was based on a comparison of the changes of 1 hryvnia and 2 hryvnia banknotes. These denominations were selected because of their similar physical and functional properties. The only essential distinction is application of intaglio printing for 2 hryvnia banknote production and non-usage of intaglio printing for 1 hryvna banknote production.
     The experimental investigations showed a considerable worsening of tensile strength when deterioration of banknotes had increased. Though, the worsening of tensile strength because of deterioration is a little less for the2 hryvna banknotes. On the other hand, in case of new banknotes the tensile strength is higher for 1 hryvna. So, the strengthening effect of intaglio printing becomes apparent in banknotes circulation, so far as the intaglio printing hardens banknotes substrate by means of paper’s structure compaction.
     Іл. 7. Бібліогр.: 8 назв.