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Дослідження процесу розподілу фарбових шарів у фарбових апаратах друкарських машин

Класифікація: Машини і автоматизовані комплекси
Назва: Дослідження процесу розподілу фарбових шарів у фарбових апаратах друкарських машин
Автори: Шостачук Ю. О., Жеребко І. С., Шостачук О. П.
Журнал: Технологія і техніка друкарства
Рік видання: 2011
Номер: № 1(31)
Видавництво: К. : ВПІ НТУУ «КПІ»
Мова публікації: Українська

Стаття присвячена дослідженню фарбових апаратів аркушевих офсетних друкарських машин

В статье рассматриваются вопросы исследования красочных аппаратов листовых офсетных печатных машин

In the machines of litho print of of image depends on the of ink and evenness of of layer of ink on an imprint. Process is provided the vehicle (FA) of ink and depends largely on the features of construction, making, tuning and exploitation. There are processes of pinning-out and preparation of ink in FA. Than less time occupy these processes, the more effective use of printing-presses. Existent methods of calculation of parameters and choice of optimum charts are FA, and mutual location of rollers, their diameters, fork of of ink, enough. Original technical decisions and developments of the last yearswhich are inculcated in printing-presses are intellectual property of firms-producers, information about which in free access absents practically.
Stability of processes of pinning-out and rolling of ink depends on the of the given ink, and diameters of rollers and cylinders, temperature, on rollers and circumferential environments, and also determined the row of other parameters: by speed of work, by pressure in a contact «rollercylinder», by physical and mechanical properties of elastic material of rollers, size and frequency of the axial moving, in thick layer of ink, by viscidity of ink and its properties, by the of contacts, between surfaces.
The model of process of distributing and causing of ink is in-process considered, an algorithm and method of leadthrough of analytical researches of parameters is developed FA and the mathematical model of process of distributing and serve of ink is offered, directed on the increase of reliability and stability of of ink.

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